Own Your Own Business

In 1913, Quality Carriers was created by an enterprising family with an entrepreneurial spirit. To recognize the contributions of today’s entrepreneurs, we are offering the “Keys to Quality”; a Lease Purchase program that allows you to select the truck of your liking while also fulfilling the American Dream of owning your own business.

$5,000 Sign On Bonus for Owner Operators


New Trucks

  • 72 months with weekly settlement deductions
  • 11% interest rate
  • $5,000 escrow (deducted at $50 per week)

Used Trucks

  • Up to 60 months with weekly settlement deductions
  • 11.5% interest rate
  • $5,000 escrow (deducted at $100 per week)


  • $5,000 Owner Operator bonus
  • Industry Leading Fuel Stabilization Program
  • National account pricing on tires
  • Discounts at the pump
  • $1,500 Driver Referral Bonus


  • No Glider Kits
  • Mid-roof or Flat-roof (No condos)
  • Stacks must be 12' or lower
  • 3 axle; Locking rear end; no tag axles
  • Max weight with tanks 3/4 full of fuel should be no greater than 20,000 lbs. (target is 19,000 lbs.)
  • Sliding 5th Wheel; with a height between 48" & 52"
  • Used trucks must have less than 600,000 miles & less than 7 years old
  • Exhaust must exit above the cab (no "grass burners" due to flammable & combustible loads and environments)
  • Engine brake required for certain locations
  • No overhead or side fairings (if configured, must be removed)
  • Preferred: Less than 400,000 miles & less than 5 years old
  • Preferred: PTO access to transmission (to install pump and/or compressor)
  • Preferred: Greater than 18" of curb side excess frame space for mounting pump
  • Preferred: Greater than 30 CFM engine compressor (or clear access to 2nd transmission PTO mount to add a compressor)

Groundbreaking Lease Program Options

Be your own boss with QC's groundbreaking Lease Purchase Program!

  • We provide you with the specs for the tractor
  • You choose the truck that you want to drive and own
  • We provide you with financing options
  • You're on your way to becoming a business owner!

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